"Endure, Master Wayne. Take it. They'll hate you for it, but that's the point of Batman- he can be the outcast."

Signal boost! Please help us find our friend Patrick. He called his family saying he was on his way home from working the music festival and never made it home. He was also scheduled to take a trip with a friend two days later (which he planned) that he would not miss. He’s a kind hearted person and he has been missing for almost week now. Police have not done much to assist in the search, saying we had to wait 72 hours to even file a report. If anyone has any information, please call. His family and friends are beside themselves with worry.

My classmate is good friends with Emma Watson.

She skyped him after she gave that speech.

I got checked out at urgent care on Sunday

Apparently I was sick with 4 separate diseases that aggravated my chronic sinus condition

I’m not coughing up blood anymore

Also I’m on a 7-10 day course of medicine so that’s nice.

No one believes that I’m sober.

I also lost my voice.

I’m not wearing my shirt.

And I’m bleeding from my thumb.

Went to DC to party with 25+ architecture students.

Someone lost a tooth.

We lost people in general.

I am not sure where two people are.

My professor definitely tried to dance on me. He’s a terrible dancer.

One of the Germans did not come home with us because he’s getting laid.

Someone had to be taken to the hospital.

I officially can outlast the Germans. They were holding onto me for support.

I apparently was dancing on all of the Germans. And the Argentineans. Aaaand the Cal Poly people.

Good times.

I also lost my voice. And am bleeding from my thumb.

"Harry, you must rock the fuck out."